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Magnesium! What is it good for?

Magnesium is one of my favorite supplements. It has so many benefits and a lot of us tend to be deficient in it. Signs of severe magnesium depletion can include muscle cramps, fatigue, mental issues, and irregular heartbeat. If you have diseases like Diabetes, Celiac Disease, or chronic diarrhea you may have magnesium deficiency. It's important to be aware that caffeine, physical stress and emotional stress can also deplete the body of magnesium.

So what are the benefits of magnesium and how do I get my levels up? Magnesium is great for naturally relaxing muscles, decreasing headaches, improving sleep, and decreasing anxiety and nervousness. You can create higher magnesium levels by eating foods rich in it which include almonds, spinach, dark chocolate, avocados, tofu, and bananas to name a few! You can also supplement magnesium. My personal favorite is the Natural Calm brand by Natural Vitality. I have much success when getting my patients on this supplement.

Stay healthy,

Dr. Miller

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